Sound Track

I have never thought about having a titel song as a concept. I guess reason one is that at a certain stage of writing the novel I have got pictures in my head how it would look like in a movie. That's an absurd dream, I know and though a lot of successful projects start with an absurd dream, I've never heard about a successful american movie based on a german novel. Anyway as well as I am partially sure who should play whom I am pretty sure about the soundtrack. Rich, the main character - a privat investigator and former journalist from Buffalo, NY, is one of the biggest fans of The Boss - so Tougher than the Rest would be a good title song of the first book. No Souvenirs of Melissa Etheridge as well, Rock'n Roll Outlaw from Rose Tattoo or Bello Impossibele and Latin Lover from Gianna Nannini - problem: I didn't write any of these songs ... Then I started with the second book and one character is a singer/songwriter who plays in pubs with a guitarist like I do. And there is one song with a certain meaning and I thought it would be cool if this song actually exists. As a songwriter more ideas popped up until finally I created the perfect song for the Rich & Mysterious Books. Music by Fidel Fitze, Lyrics by Mike Skye.

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